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Post-grad set back and happy solution

.After finishing Week 9 on a high I did 3 extra R3 with no rest days then Stepping Stone 41 mins which I could not complete. Also got blisters from wearing new track shoes. Very disheartening.

It was over-ambitious of course. Changed the lacing on the shoes, got extra bister plaster and dropped my sights.

Tried the 27 min Speed podcast this morning and shortened my stride and it was easy. I actually sprinted the last minute with a long stride. It felt like flying. For a 63 year old tubby it was heaven.

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Brilliant, way to re-motivate yourself and awesome on the sprinting :)


That sounds fantastic - 😀


I think a lot of us could sympathise with you there. It's such a high to graduate, then there's a "what's next" feeling. You prob knew that you needed the rest days but hard to hold yourself back, eh?! I'm now in a pattern of following a podcast (I use bridge to 10k week 2) for 2 runs a week and on the third just running for distance and the fun of it.

I agree - Drop your sights at times but remember what you've achieved - blisters will heal and you'll be off again, pushing the boundaries!


Thank you. No running for a few days while I visit family and go to a wedding in the country. Hope it all falls into place again when I get back.

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