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C25K > 10k Steeplechase!

C25K > 10k Steeplechase!

Hi all,

I started running for the first time ever last October and thought in my naive mind that I would OK to start with Parkruns straight off the bat - oh how wrong I was! I managed 5 or 6 of them before I suffered terrible shin splints which completely put me off for a few months. A friend signed up for a 10k Steeplechase (29th October) and asked me to do it with him so with the desire to run still with me, I signed up. Stumbled across the C25K and decided that the only way I was going to be able to do it was to build into it slowly and hopefully build up my legs properly this time without overdoing it too soon. Decided that I would do 2 weeks of each of the C25K weeks to really break myself in gently. Its going OK so far, I have found that early morning runs are much nicer than evening ones and it gives my legs a chance to recover during the day whilst still moving around rather than going to bed and waking up with really stiff calves. This morning was my 5th time for the 2 week so on Sunday I will attack week 3 for the first time. I am still really nervous about my shins but am doing stretches etc to try and help and hope that this gentle intro to the C25K will be what sets me up for what is a great hobby to have :-)

Incidentally I am running the Steeplechase in aid of the JDRF as my son has Type 1 Diabetes and thought I should do more than just run for my own benefit :-)

Just here for motivation - although I have been motivated so far without encouragement!

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Welcome venskip ! Hope you enjoy the forum as much as I do and good luck with the programme.

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Sounds like your approach to the programme is working well. Keep posting your updates and we will support you along the way. Good luck.


Welcome aboard !

Youre absolutely right in taking this slow and steady, and repeating any weeks if you feel you need to .

Please keep posting of your progress, it will help in keeping you focused and motivated and its great to look back and see how far you have come .

Good Luck and all the best for the rest of the programme ! :-) xxx


Thanks all for the replies :) I think the biggest problem is wanting to do more than my legs are ready for! Still, I am in this for the long haul so patience now will reap benefits later on! I will post back after my first try of Week 3 on Sunday morning!


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