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2.88km is my route length thanks to my trusty pedometer.Thanks to the 2 deer both of which almost gave me a heart attack, one leapt from the long grass at the side of me and jumped away to be with another one, then oddly enough on the bit nearest the road, one jumped across my path, almost landed on the dogs...met two guys who had mega posh binoculars and cameras, must have been a sighting of a special bird on the moor, not that i saw anything , too busy looking at the path so i dont step on dog poo, wish people would pick it up

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In addition to watching for poo I have to keep an eye out for rabbit holes. Know what you mean about picking up I usually tread in some just after I've picked up behind my own dogs😬😬

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How lovely to see the deer. Quite jealous. I get to see squirrels and ducks but not really the same. shame about dog poo though.

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