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Started week 4 tonight. Still a wee bit stiff but thought I'd give it a go.

Same as W3R3 felt a bit uncomfortable walking but not really a pain. I had decided before I started my warm up walk that if my body wasn't playing ball I would just stop, go home and maybe try again tomorrow.

This is where it started confusing me (not difficult!!) as I said a bit uncomfortable walking but then the lovely Laura announced that I was to get ready to run. I seriously considered packing it in at this point but thought I'll give it a go. Got into my stride, granted a bit slower than previous, and before I knew it the three minutes were up. Back to walking, back to being uncomfortable.

Anyway wind on and I found all the runs reasonably comfortable and realised I was only really starting to sweat in the last half of the last 5 minutes. I felt I could actually have carried on going at the end because I was finding the running easier than the walking. Before I get into any trouble for overdoing it, I never, I followed Laura and stopped and started my uncomfortablish walk home, but as I said uncomfortable not in pain.

I was also suprised that my breathing was back to normal within 90 seconds of stopping running but I know I was definitely running slower than previously so that might explain that.

Don't know if this uncomfortable feeling might be using muscles I don't use cycling as I don't really do any other type of excersise?? The uncomfortable thing doesn't seem to be affecting my cycling. Did a Time Trial the other night and set a PB with an average of 18.2 mph over 15.7 miles which I was very happy with.

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Blimey, I used to do a fair bit of cycling and never hit that sort of speed (except plummeting downhill) :)

Running & cycling do use different muscles (hence it's encouraged to cross-train on non-run days).

I find that I quite often have little niggles or twinges, either on rest days, or when starting a run, but they melt away, once I've got going.👣

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90ldfinch lol no all on the flat. Hit over 30 on the final two and a half mile stretch. The road pretty well follows the Canal that I've been running. Did this route because of my hips and knees so I wanted a cycle that didn't have hills. Recently did one with hills and managed 48.73 mph. That was interesting with tyres the width of your finger 🙈🙈🙈

I'll maybe need to speak to someone in the know about what to do because apart from cycling this is all new to me. Funny thing is I'm moving about freely now compared to my walk and when I got home. 60 mile cycle planned for tomorrow as the weather is to be great. We'll see if that means a run on Sunday or an extra rest day as Ullyrunner suggests. I'll also need to check out the stretch thing. I had been doing some general ones but tonight saw a link from on here for specialised ones so tried them and that might be what's made the difference.


It's not unusual to have aches and pains as you begin to extend your runs. Have you got a good stretching regime after your runs? It may not hurt to take a couple of days rest between runs if you need it.

Good luck!

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