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Best run and worst run happened today!

I didn't run yesterday because I was lazy but blamed it on the weather and then today the weather was 10 times wetter and I have a headache to suit! Anyway, the rain managed to stop and I begrudgingly pulled myself out of bed to go and run.

I'm working away from home this week and I am staying at my university house. My first problem was that I didn't know where to run but decided to run in the flattest direction! I started my warm up and someone over took me running and then mortifying not long after they went past I had to start running (looking a little like a stalker). Anyway I ended up keeping up with them but then I went a different way and ran around a field. My feet got soaked and it started to rain. I was feeling pretty fed up.

Then I got my mile marker and I had ran the fastest mile yet! 10 min 49 for a mile! My second mile wasn't as fast but I'm not bothered, I still so chuffed!

Week 6 run 3 is waiting for me on Saturday and I can't wait!

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Well done! Hope you enjoy the end of week 6 run. I do mine tonight or tomorrow. Will look out for your achieved it post.

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It's the end of walks now, running all the way, I think I prefer it to the walk/run now I'm properly in to it.

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Not quite as mortifying as doing fast/slow running intervals in the speed podcast and being instructed by the lovely Laura to slow your running pace when you have taken two steps past a walker you've just caught up...

Well done for just getting on with it though!


Oh gosh! That must have been awkward! I normally run in the middle of nowhere so people seeing me is bad enough haha


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