Goodbye week 8 you were gone so soon, 3 left :O

Went to my parents house today and run out from there, I started off doing the walk up the incline (it's only slight) then up through the posh houses where run 1 started, the first 7 minutes were ok but the next 7 was back up the incline, I puffed my way up and at the top I was greeted by Laura telling me I was half way. I think the second 7 minutes is the hardest anyway so once that was out the way it was plain sailing through to the end. Pace was around 6:30 /KM as seem to be my pace. Week 9 starts Saturday, should be finished on Wednesday then a proper 5K race/fun run on Sunday.

Footballs about to start, Come on England!!

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  • Forget football :) Running is the thing :)

    Well done you... So close now!

  • I assure you Oldfloss that we only watch the football to learn running technique. :) Good work, plop .

  • Ahhhhhh , now, I completely understand... probably the reason why I stood... for a very long time, mid morning., instead of carrying on with my dusting, watching part of Chariots of Fire..( My husband was trying to tune in oa new sound bar) !!!!

    I was, quite obviously, studying the running technique...:)

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