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T'is done!

We now den. Dat's anudder run done! W2R2. Had a job to get it in as I have little people for the next week, pop a neighbour came round and kept and eye on them while I popped out for my run! Would you listen to me...arranging someone to look after the kids while I go running! Bonkers! Having fun though, and would have been annoyed if I not be able to do it!

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Well done Big Fella; it's weird how our attitudes change isn't it?! Now making comments like: I would have been annoyed if couldn't do it! I know exactly what you mean, but who'd have ever thought we'd be thinking like that ?!

Sounds like you're loving it, keep up the good work x

Lovely neighbour by the way !


That's great, no obstacles in the way, not even little people!


Well done, amazing how we change isn't it??!!

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