Couch to 5K
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just completed the above run and for the first time I tracked the run.3.8k in 26 min20 s ( sorry Laura I did 1 extra minute rather than speed up as I am sure that hurt my shins on W6r1)

now for the first time thinking how far am I really off getting the 5 k in 30 minutes l know this is not the challenge. I only started this to get a bit fitter, drop the BP and loose a bit if weight (tick all 3) so timing has never been an issue just reaching the 5k by week 9 was my goal 😊

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I can't comment on the times IanD62 , but I've also experienced the benefit of the holy trinity you've mentioned.

Plus the psychological boosts, it's been quite an experience :)


Many congratulations on the three big achievements. That's fab! Don't worry about doing 5K by week 9. This running thing is, hopefully, a life long commitment and therefore what's the hurry? You'll need a goal after graduation and reaching 5K is a good one!

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Running for 30 minutes 3 times a week is a fantastic acheivement.😊

Your goal is to graduate...the distance will come later. You will run 5k (I have now but I don't do it very often) but the benefits of regular 30 min runs are priceless... Go you.. Your badge is your goal.x

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