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my best and worst run yet

so today I started W3R1 and after an extra days rest due to moving house I was dreading it if I'm quite honest.. but I got out there

I planned myself a route ahead so that my recovery walks would be uphill but most of my running would be on flat.

My first 90 seconds were dreadful, my legs were already hurting and I was finding it hard to breathe but After the first three minute run I felt incredible... I was remembering my W1R1 and how I was struggling to breathe after 30 seconds or so and now I just ran for 3 whole minutes!!!

I was on top of the world. So much so that I decided to turn round for my second 90 second run and run up hill.. I CHOSE TO RUN UPHILL what is happening to me

Then during my final 3 minute run I did the worst thing. I fell over, I was so embarassed but I didn't let it beat me, I got up again and carried on running.. to find that I had developed a stich, but I was so determined not to be a quitter and so I pushed on.

I was so distracted by thinking about getting home and writing this post and what I was going to say that I barely noticed Laura telling me it was time to stop.

Part of me thinks I may actually be able to see this through til the end!!!!

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Of course you'll manage it - especially with that attitude. Well done! (Plus you're now a member of the elite Falling Over Club!).

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Good for you for running on a hill at this stage. Don't think I managed a hill until months after I graduated! And you fell so you're a proper runner already! Well done.


Well done, you'll definitely see it through with such a great attitude :)


You will do it if today's example of true grit is anything to go by.

Falling over is a rite of passage that you have to get out of the way. Now you don't need to do that again for at least another year!


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