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W8R2 completed - furthest distance so far

Well, I don't know what happened, but I went way past that landmark tree this morning before the app told me I was half way; turned around, flagged a bit towards the last 5 minutes and pushed on after I was told to start the cool down walk. It was only for an extra 30 seconds to make it to a signpost, but I was determined to get almost to my starting point of the running section. 3.91km in 41.21mins including the walking sections. I'm a sweating, red faced mess at the end of it, but I can't believe I'm running consistently for 28+ minutes!

That 5km distance doesn't seem so far out of reach now. :)

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Brilliant Lizzy, that's the spirit, focus on those landmarks just to give a little extra push, but be careful that ambition doesn't get the better of you. It sounds as if you are doing great, keep going.


Well done :)

Literally 'pushing your limits :) It's amazing how we can squeeze out that little bit more- good signs :)


Well done - I told you you'd be needing a new landmark before you knew it! So close now.

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