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Week 5 Run 2 done

Well that is the 2nd run done for the week. Seems to be that it currently takes me 4 minutes to do a full circuit where I jog. Only realised that when the 2nd run started at a bench and I came round to the same bench when Laura said 'that is 4 minutes'.

Now I have a reference point to work to and I can see any speed improvements. So on Friday that should be 5 circuits of the field.

To be honest I am glad to be doing them in the cool early morning rather than the scorching evenings.

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Run 3 is a great one for making you believe, you'll be great and Laura breaks it down into 5 minute blocks too, so by the time she says you've done 10 minutes you think, ok I can do this, I'm halfway!! Just keep slow, speed doesn't really seem to come into this part of the new-to-running journey, not when you are jumping from 8-20 minutes! Good luck 😀


No, you're not going from 8 - 20 minutes, your going from 16 - 20 minutes without the annoying break in the middle ruining your stride.


Absolutely! From a mental perspective I agree, but from a speed perspective I was meaning that it is hard to maintain the same (4 minute lap) speed for 20 minutes, that you can manage on 2 x 8 minute runs where you have a few minutes break to recover and redo that fast speed again, slow and steady is all I have been told through this journey :-)) look forward to hearing how you do.


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