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They fit!

Finally yesterday I decided the time had come to give up on the velour tracksuit trousers I had been wearing. It was already warm at 7.10, and I didn't think their heat would help a menopausal woman running in the sun.

I bought running trousers when my husband treated me to new running shoes for my birthday, but hadn't felt able to wear them as they emphasised my overly large stomach. But yesterday they slipped on and I thought I looked okay. So much lighter for running too.

Now to find a running top, and fulfil the conversion to a running addiction...

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Blimey, velour trackies? You must have been boiling! Leggings are great aren't they? I found they support your legs and you don't get so tired. Fulfil the addiction? Sound like you've done that...

PS Sport Direct is the place for cheap gear, or Aldi when they have their sales xx


Oh and Lidl! My lidl gear is my fave 😊

Your larger areas will go quite quickly if you keep running and combine it with eating healthily. My big bum fell off first 😊


Have to agree that the bum goes first. I have a running belt, suggested by someone here that holds all the essentials and, if artfully placed, hides the stubborn tum! Try Matalan; they do good, cheap running gear, so you can do guilt free splurging!

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Plus the compression aspect of running tights acts well to pull everything in a bit more! I have cheap Karrimor ones from Sports Direct and capri pants from Matalan, they are both as effective and my hot flushes aren't noticed so much in them, very clever!


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