Progressing slowly

Well I'm still here and progressing slowly. I did W2R3 last Saturday, a very blustery day so I didn't enjoy that too much. I went to a quilting show on Sunday and walked around all day so I did W3R1on Tuesday instead of Monday to give myself a chance and was amazed that I managed 3 minutes, and this morning I have done W3R2. I'm not sure about Laura's music, not at all to my taste, but I do like her encouragement, it always seems to come just at the right time.

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  • Slow and steady wins the race, roundbutsound . So after your next run, you'll have already re-done a third of the C25k program.

    I don't mind rain or snow, but running in wind is ...character building. Just like having to listen to that music.

    If there's such a thing as an NHS disco (!) I don't want to be invited. :)

  • Laura's podcast music is pretty sad but it has the right beat and as you say her little bits of advice and inspiration do help. If you really can't get through 7 weeks of torturous sound, there is an app you can download and listen to your own music, you won't get Laura's tips though. Decisions, decisions.....

  • Thanks Slowstart but I'm not at all technically minded so I'll stick with Laura and her challenging tunes.

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