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Limited by allergies

I like to learn more about healthy eating as I have allergies, I am allergic to eggs, tree nuts and peanuts. I hear so much about eating almonds and other types of nuts for the good fatty oils they contain. I was just wondering if there is a substitute as in seeds, I love sunflower seeds, pumpkins seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds but I don't think they have the same healthy content as tree nuts. I eat soy butter and try to cook with it but again, I don't think it has the same health benefits and peanut butter. Am I right about this?

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I think you may get more replies if you post your question in another community like the healthy eating one? But if you want to up your intake of fats that are supposedly good for you start by replacing soy butter with real butter (assuming you're not vegan or allergic to all dairy as well) - you could also use flax oil, or blends like Udo's oil in salads/ smoothies (you can find some some good vegan recipes on Eat and Run by Scott Jurek -that is if you're into running!)

Another very good source is oily fish (mackerel, sardines, salmon).


the nhs weightloss group will know probably? they are really good at helping with that sort of thing

do you have myfitnesspal? you can enter foods in and they will show you the fat, sodium etc content and that will allow you to compare

I think most seeds are better than a packet of crisps at the end of the day

almond butter is good for you and almonds are nice to eat but again high in fat (even tho its better fat) so moderation is key (I know many who swear by almond butter as its better for you than peanut butter)

have you tried dried beans? if your in a supermarket the 'food doctor' (brand) has a good range of snack type products with seeds and dried beans which are high in fibre etc I have the chipotle seed and bean mix and its quite addictive (if I buy peanuts or most nuts I will eat the whole bag, same with these so have to put a portion in a little tub)


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