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that's it til christmas

I don't know about you lovely people but I have had my last run this morning until after Christmas. We have guests now until 29th and I am back to work then too so it will be a full week off running :( if you'd told me a year ago that the thought of not running every other day would be something that worried me I would have laughed at you but... that is exactly it. i have scoured the calendar for opportunities to get out but think i have resigned myself to the usual 6.15 am run before work on 30th! Oh well.

Happy Christmas everyone! :)

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You never know. you could delegate some stuff and head out. It's your holiday too ☺


Yeah I'm the same. Hoping to sneak out tomorrow but tis the season to be jolly and everyone is here With us going just that!

I can't believe I'm saying that! Wanting to sneak out for a run! It's madness!

Happy new year all!!


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