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Thank you all yet again!

Google me, your words were in my mind and so I did my usual warm up walk and just started slow and steady running. Didn't take my watch as I thought I'd probably have to walk /run but I ran for about 3k and was so surprised that I didn't particularly struggle or have to stop. I could I think gave gone on but thought I shouldn't push my luck. Sore and stiff tomorrow! So glad I went. I knew I'd missed it😀. Thanks for all your encouragement and support.

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Fantastic, well done. Now you know you can do it - and next time you run, might be able to do a tiny bit more. How did it feel on the run, were ur legs ok? How was ur breathing?


Legs and breathing were fine. That's what astounded me. I felt heavy but that's because I know I've put back on about 10 lbs so not so light on my feet as I felt doing my 5k runs. Wrong time of year to be battling lbs🎄! But I'm going to enjoy Christmas, keep running and getting straight back into cleaner eating afterwards. I feel the running is the huge step for me and I also felt just getting out the door would probably be the hardest part - it was!😀

Merry Christmas everyone and a healthy and happy 2016 to you all!


Ah lovely, I am so pleased.


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