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W8R1 Ankle pain 😞

Hi all. I have just completed the first run in week 8 and I am now suffering with a really sore ankle...kind of feels sprained. My route involved a small section of running on grass as there was no footpath but plenty of traffic, I'm thinking this may be the cause as I've never ran on soft ground. It didn't hurt at the time but since I've come home and relaxed its really painful. Hope it heels for my next run Thurs!!! On a positive run went great and I can't believe I'm so close to graduation 😁

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Such a shame but you're too close to risk making the injury worse. It can be frustrating when these things happen but I'm sure you'll know within yourself whether it's something you can run with or need to rest. Even giving yourself another day, what can be better than getting out first thing on Christmas Day and setting yourself up for the big day. Take care.



I've just had a similar experience, but I did my w8r1 on a treadmill yesterday.... Could it be just down to a slightly longer run?

Mine is on my left ankle, and I'm right footed, so that might be a factor too?

My r2 will also be Thursday, so im just going to make sure I warm that ankle up a bit more.... And if it's still hurting on Thursday I'll buy an ankle support to help.

I'm doing a 3k fun run on Boxing Day - hopefully it will hold!

As I've been walking around this morning it's got a bit looser, so I'm hoping it's nothing serious.

Good luck tomorrow, and be careful you (we) still need to listen to our bodies.....




I know it's been a while since you posted this but I just wondered how the ankle was. I hope it's better and you're back on the programme and getting closer to graduation or maybe you have.


Hey, sorry only just noticed your post. I had a rest, did gentle exercise and got some good support. I graduated last night but ankle is still very hit and miss....I could feel it wasn't 100% but tried running differently and it seems to work. Thanks for asking 😀


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