Joining the Big Girls next time!

There is something psychological about only having to do just two runs (week 5 r2) as opposed to four runs the other day. Just two runs, eh? Eight minutes each, eh? Well I can't count beyond five so it can't be that bad. Stern warning from the Lovely Laura about more of a challenge to the mind, pshaw! Strewth, it was taters when I left the house, like a slap in the face. For two pins I'd have gone back in for a hot water bottle, and maybe wouldn't have gone out again. jolly glad I had invested in some jolly warm trackie bottoms. Laura is right about the mind though, if the music is not quite your taste ( everybody wants to live. My. Life...) eight minutes is quite tedious, but as I was considering what other music I'd rather be listening too, then the faff of getting it on to my device, I was told I'd done four minutes! The rest of that run was taken up with: blimey, really?? Then of course being in the middle of the run you realise you are nearly half way through the entire exercise. The next eight minutes was largely uphill over a railway track but downhill all the way home. I'm so chuffed that I didn't actually die, had a head clear enough to be thinking of things other than how awful my legs are and will my lungs burst? Speed is still an issue, ie there is none, but everyone is so encouraging about that, that speed picks up later, so I'm not going to bother my pretty little head with that now.

However, next run is with the Big Girls because it's twenty minutes!! But it's only one run. But it's twenty minutes. Psychologically one run is FAR less trouble than two runs. But it's twenty minutes. Hey, I can only count to five, how bad can it be? Twenty minutes sounds very grown up, though!

Last time I did all this, I was on my own, I didn't know about forums and stuff. I've only got this far because you lot have all described exactly what I have gone through and now I know it's OK to have bursting lungs, lead weight legs and for people hiding behind hedges not to imagine I could possibly be running! You've all described how hard it can be when a run goes wrong, or those times you just didn't want to turn out. I'm one of you! I must be a runner!! All your wonderful encouragement has made a proper silk purse out of a proper sow's ear!!

Take heart everyone who is flagging! The good times are on their way!!


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  • They sure are! Just take your time. Slow but sure is the way to chew it up and spit it out

    Blow that run out in bubbles 😀

  • Well it is only 5 mins four times with no faffing - walking and starting running again. Look at it that way and you will definitely 'chew it up and spit it out!' as miss w says. In fact it can seem harder going back to intervals so just watch out for wk6.

    I am sure you will nail it, Enjoy!

  • I find walk breaks just make going back to running harder, just plod on for 20 minutes! U can do it!! LOL πŸ˜„

  • I love your post- what a positive attitude!! You will definitely do it and with a massive smile on your face! πŸ˜† look forward to reading your next instalment!😊I know when I got to 10 mins the goal was there for the taking and most people are amazed that this big leap in time is achievable -but it really is!!

  • Sounds like you are doing just great! Just take the next one nice and steady and you will be fine. Enjoy!

  • Part of my motivation to complete each week was to move onto different music.....but I won't spoil the surprise for you!

  • What a cheery post, a wonderful read for someone like me who struggled through her week 5 run 2 this week! Thanks for sharing your experience, I look forward to hearing about your initiation into the 20 minute big leagues. All the best :)

  • Well I did it!! It really is mind over matter these long runs, because once you get into a rhythm, you're off! Laura's first intervention: that I had completed the first five minutes was pretty dismaying! Five minutes? Is that ALL? However you just keep putting one foot in front of the other until the time is up. I did feel great at the end though, and she eggs you on by telling you how great it will feel to finish. However, at the end she also acknowledges that this run may have been a step too far and suggests redoing week 5. Well, it was the toughest for me so far. Wait a minute.... I've thought that at the end of every run! It is obviously how you improve: to be taken to your limit every session. The buzz following successful completion is priceless!

    And I'm looking forward to some different music next week πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • I remember dreading that first 20 min run. Now it takes me 20mins to get into some days! I also remember the elation after doing it the first time. Enjoy. X

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