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Today is a good day!

Things I learnt at today’s parkrun!

1. November is cold, and also windy. I need gloves next week. A tree branch fell into the course before the run and we had a 15 mins delay - further coldness ensued. I need gloves next week.

2. I tried out the lace lock technique for lacing my trainers (see below) and it seems like I haven’t further aggravated my (slightly unhealed) blisters today! MASSIVE YAY! For weeks now I’ve been hobbling around walking weirdly after every 5K run because of blisters on the soles of my feet. It’s SUCH a relief to know I finally may have found a solution. Thanks to everyone who suggested it, I’m an idiot for not trying it sooner, just didn't realise it could make such a difference. I feel like I’ve been limited in my runs for the last few weeks by the blisters and I’m SO happy that I might now finally be able to move onwards and upwards! Fingers crossed!

3. I GPS-tracked parkrun for the first time today, and it tells me that my local parkrun is actually 5.4km. Is this normal?! I thought they were meant to be measured pretty accurately! While a surprise, this is also a massive plus for me as it means I’m not so very far off 5K in 30 mins as I thought I was! According to app I did 5K in 30:38 and parkrun in 33:11 (new PB! HOORAY!!!).

In other news, I am having massive difficulty in choosing between Garmin Forerunner 10/15 and 225 for my Christmas present to myself. It’s the heart rate monitor aspect that I’m not sure about which is the difference between them. I am the MOST indecisive person, this is really confusing me! But hearing updates on my pace today at parkrun really helped motivate me so I think that is my main interest at the moment, which both do (although I think the 15 may actually be better than the 225 in terms of pacing features? Virtual Pacer which the 225 doesn't have?). I think the 15 may suit me for now and I can always get a chest strap if I get interested in heart rate. This is my opinion for the next 1hr anyway and then I’ll change my mind again… :)

Also considering the Forerunner 25 (see, already changing my mind) as it has wireless syncing I believe which might be one of those small features that is just worth the extra money for me as I know I will be lazy about plugging into a computer!

Happy running and happy weekend everyone! Here's the Lace Lock technique:

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Yes, this is the way to do your shoe laces. The problem I have here is that none of the shoes I have have long enough laces so I have to buy them as extra. Bummer really!


Yes, my laces are only just long enough!!


I think you are great, persevering with poorly blisters on your feet! Well done! I would never have imagined that lacing your shoes differently would help. Golly, who thinks of these things?!


Thank you Old_trout, that's very nice of you to say :) But I just enjoyed C25K so much I didn't want to give up running because of a few blisters!


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