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It's been one year since I began my journey with the C25K plan. Up until week 4 I was using the cross trainer in my house before biting the bullet and getting outside.

I graduated the programme at the start of this year and unfortunately (for both me and my dog who runs with me) I ended up on the injury couch. Years of problems with flat feet and a back/pelvis injury caught up with me and I didn't notice the warning signs until I was sat back in the couch- hind sight, eh?!

Anyway, I got the all clear to start running again in June but the fear had set in and the gremlins kept telling me I would fail and that it wasn't worth it. However, Ihave been regularly back out there again since August, much to my dog's pleasure. We've also been accompanied by hubby who saw the glow and confidence I developed first time round and decided he wanted some of that for himself too :-D we've only been covering 1k each time we go out but I am absolutely chuffed that my legs still know what to do!

Anyway, now I've decided to make my own training plan (so I don't push too hard on both speed and distance at the same time like I did before) and it starts today with the aim of run/walking a 5 k between Christmas and Hogmanay. Although this time I'll be checking my body for niggles before they become injuries :-)

So to keep me on the straight and narrow I'll be entering a 5k race next year and hopefully a 10k in September- I've had my eye on the river ness 10k for a while!

Anyway, happy running folks :-)

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Same to you! Yep, go nice and steady, progress slowly and those niggles should be a thing of the past. You'll still get to where you want to be with your 10k goal, but get there in one piece and a smile on your face. 10 k is a great distance to have in your running repertoire

Good to hear you have converted your husband. I wish I could do the same!

Enjoy your race training!


That's the spirit listening to your body is the best way to go forward.


Happy runniversary! Well done for sticking with it! Your goals sound very reasonable and do-able, don't forget to tell us how you're getting on x


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