What an up and down week

I went running on wednesday ...well for a short while before i fell over and bashed my head against a metal part of a bridge...not very good. Then today i went for the great north run 5 K and ran it using the run walk method which worked just great..got a new pb and felt great after the race even though it was rainy still felt good. Its really improving my confidence too. I also think that there is room to improve further and improve my time further.Good luck everyone with the Great north run hm tomorrow!

3 Replies

  • Well done marc :) hope the head bang wasn't to bad ,must have hurt at time :( a PB is a PB so really well done on that :)

  • Well done Marc! Obviously not for the bang on the head though......

  • Well done indeed. Hope your head's not too painful.

    Brilliant to get a new pb - no feeling like it :)

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