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My week of running

Monday started with a sub 30 minute 5k 29.34, which pleased me no end as I have been running just on the 30 minute mark. Wednesday was a speed session which felt pretty good, at least I completed the whole session with a bit of additional speed at the end, there seems to be more in the tank than ever before. Todays run also went well although my technology half let me down so cannot give a totally accurate time for today but actually was able to really increase the pace for the last 400 metres. Before it was all I could do to get to the end of the run, now I am able to speed up on that last part of every run. I want to get back to my PB of 28.57 so that's my aim for the next few weeks to keep on plugging away, the only down side is today I got blisters on my toes!! Not sure how that happened but they will clear up soon. Thanks for reading, keep those legs moving!!

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well done Mat :D any sub 30 is a great run :D like you I am trying to get back to somewhere near my PB , just have to keep working hard and plugging away but not forcing it , it will happen when it happens , good luck :)

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Thanks Slow_Rob, the amazing part is that it feels achievable and I know in a few weeks i'll be sub 29mins.


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