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Week Six Run 1

Loved my first 20 minute run, after the first 8-10 minutes which I always find a struggle I really got in my stride and enjoyed it.

So I head out on Wk6R1 thinking no problem. Really struggled. Never seemed to get over the initial lead footed feeling I always have. I think the walk breaks actually hindered me and I'd have got over it if I kept running.

I know I need to trust the programme and keep running but it's tempting to just repeat the 20 min run again.

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It's very common Kerry, to run a good one and then have a dud, it used to happen to me on a regular basis in the early days and happened also the other day, the first time in a long while. The fact is you kept going which is fantastic.

I also found the run/walk really hard, many people find a walk rejuvenates for the next run but once I stop running I can't start again as my legs turn to lead. But I stuck to the rules religiously in the beginning because they work!

Keep going Kerry, you've come so far and only a little way to go. you can do it, don't lose heart

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You're not alone - I think W6R1 was the most difficult of all the runs


I do my w5r3 on Monday gulp


I was worried about W5 R3, but I loved it, just take it steady.

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