Did It! Wk 5 Run 3

I was nervous about this as 5 weeks ago running 60 seconds was a struggle. The first 10 minutes seemed hard and at around 10 in minutes I hit "that hill". I just kept going, focused on my breathing and made it up. The last part of the run was good, I actually started to quite enjoy it and upped my pace just a little. Looking back 5 weeks it's amazing how far I've come.

3 Replies

  • Well done to you, it's great how the human body quickly adjusts. I too was struggling to run a minute and had barely got my breath back until the next run started at week 1. Congratulations :-)

  • Well done, you're making great progress !

  • I suppose one of the things to reflect on here is that you could manage 10 minutes of struggle to begin with. (There are plenty of other things you could also reflect on, but that's just the odd one that struck me now. 10 whole minutes of resistance from the road, which you just put the shoulder into, and kept shoving. That's quite a mental journey, isn't it?) Well done. Now you can do anything, and you've just proven it to yourself.

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