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New shoes and completing W3R2 as my first early morning run :)

New shoes and completing W3R2 as my first early morning run :)

First and foremost, as promised, I have included a picture of my lovely new shoes :) They seem to be really helping as I've had no knee pain while running and the shin pain I was getting when I walked has stopped (although they now feel tight from running and dog walking which I'm working on, but that seems normal to me!)

Last night I realised that I had basically no time to get in my run today. I'm looking after my little sister all day, then I need to cook dinner, then I'm going out tonight and won't be back until late. Since I've finished my summer job and am not going back to uni for 2 more weeks I had assumed I would be able to run to my own schedule, but with my little sister here that's not happening! So I got out all my running gear ready last night, set my alarm for 6:30am and hoped that I would find the willpower to get up and go! I have to admit that I really wasn't thrilled when my alarm went off, but I dragged myself up and got dressed straight away. Lacing my shoes up I started to feel like I actually did want to go out, even when my Dad told me that my dog had protested going out for his walk because of the weather (a light drizzle, as it turns out - he really hates anything that looks even a bit like rain!) I had a banana and a coffee, got my music and app ready and set off. I'm still not quick by any means, but I did pick up the pace for the second 90 second interval, and I felt my pace was steadier in the 3 minute sections than it was in W3R1. Coming back, I even had a little bit of energy left in me and added an extra little burst of running 'just for fun'! I can't believe how far I've come in such a short space of time, starting out I found 60 seconds manageable but I remember thinking half way through that I couldn't make it, and now I can run 3 minutes without collapsing! A very minor achievement, but considering I'm 244lbs (but 8lbs lighter than I was 5 weeks ago!) and had done very little exercise for years I feel pretty pleased with myself :) I added in a bit of strength training as well while I was injured last week and I feel like I can see a little more definition in my legs starting to show :)

So all in all, a bit of a ramble but I managed to get my butt out of bed early and I'm looking forward to moving forwards with the programme! I love C25K!

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Awesome, well done. Each little milestone feels like such an achievement doesn't it.


Try and make time for yourself! It's easy to put everyone else first. We're such martyrs us ladies, and sometimes I think we use these family crises as an excuse not to turn out. Not saying that's you mind you but put your C25k session at the top of the agenda

Love the new shoes by the way!!!!!! They will help you with that spring in your step I'm sure. I just got a new pair of Sauconys too!

Don't worry at all about pace. Slow is good for C25k. Speed/time/distance is just for later on down the line so don't even bother about it. Just think about finishing completing each session. That's the task in hand

Enjoy yourself. This is such fun!!!!


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