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hi all, i finished my 9th week day 2 and had to walk the last 10min. i did something to my right calf muscle it started hurting and i had to stop the run and slow walk the finish. i iced and stretched when i got home that helped, then went to my chiropractor and she adjusted the leg and gave me some good advice, got to feeling better and finished wk935k and now I'm back to the calve muscle ache, not as bad as before. I bought some compression socks and I think that helps. I read about the stretching exercises from this web site from the UK and will try them at my next run Any advise from anyone on how to deal with this ache in my calve muscle after a run the next day.

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Hi M, sorry to hear about the aches. I've felt really achey after most of my runs. I have a good stretch after my runs. If it's just a general ache afterwards, I think it just takes time for our muscles etc to adapt to exercising. If it's very painful, maybe you have pulled a muscle or are otherwise injured and need to rest and recover a bit? Best of luck :-)


Thanks for much for your support. I think you right it is probably getting use to the exercise, since I have not done any running my entire life. Best regards, M


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