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Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday

Hi everyone,

Just to say I've been enjoying reading all your posts this week. I was in Bamburgh for a family holiday and leading up to it I had Great Plans for running along beaches, next to castles, frolicking in the surf etc. It was going to be epic. I was even going to watch Chariots of Fire for the first time to get tips on running on sand.

Northumberland is easily one of the most picturesque places in Britain, and if you live there and can run on those beaches, you are incredibly lucky. However my hip had other plans and so while my sister went out to complete Week 2 (go, go mini-prune!) I stayed in and sulked, sorry, read the paper and then turned to this forum for a bit of perspective.

I am now back in our beautiful part of Lancashire and have attached a photo of my goal, which is to get back to the canal running safely and injury-free as soon as possible, but not before. After all, the midge population must be multiplying unchecked without my eyeballs to squash themselves into.

The news from Chalfont Chump re: his 20 minute run was truly uplifting, and a reminder of what we can achieve by running and sharing on this forum. I'm also thrilled my little sister has taken up the challenge, which is a life changer.

I will now step down from the soap box, wish everyone a wonderful Sunday and take this opportunity to reorganise my collection of cookie cutters. No, really.

P x

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Hope the hip is better soon. There is a coastal trail series event in Northumberland next Feb which finishes at Bamburgh and a good deal if it is on sand and dunes. I am wondering about doing the 10k part; as you say it uis a great location for running. All the best!


What a lovely place to go for a run. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! :-D


Looks lovely - hope you can get out there soon!


Great photo Prune. Hope that hip feels better soon :)


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