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Free at last!

Afternoon All!

As I was saying on JuicyJu's thread the other day, I've had a big job on at work which has meant a lot of extra hours, so I haven't had time for any runs other than a couple of races and loads of interval sessions - they're what I do when I've only got an hour or less to run in.

It was absolutely glorious then, this morning to have the chance to go out for a proper, long (20 miles again - I must be mad), not-especially-fast :) jog around my little corner of the capital. (Map here: ).

I know that we benefit as runners from all different types of training but I think there's something special about going for a long jog without worrying about times, speeds or cadences and just concentrating on enjoying the city, enjoying the running and counting up the miles.

I hope everyone got to do the type of run they wanted this weekend and I hope you all enjoyed it.

Best wishes and lots of love to RFC,


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Wow AHS! Glad you enjoyed it. I cannot ever, EVER, imagine running 20 miles!


Usually after about 18.5, neither can I!


Oh I am so glad, just what you needed, and wow that is a long one..Your link didn't show your run. You should get a Garmin and join us..... I LOVE the long run, its like therapy :)

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Thank you. It's so easy to forget that we run because we love it. One of the best runs I have had recently was my first longer run after my HM. I went out just because I could and I loved it. No where near your distance. 20 miles for fun that's fantastic. Well done.

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