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Plodding on at w7r2


After a small setback on holiday, I've done w7r2. Breathing now has a good rhythm, but it feels tough on pins, and just think it feels like a plod. But as I got to the last minute of the 25 when Laura says up the pace if you can, I can, and when the 25 mins was up I felt I could carry on for slightly longer. So, am I right in thinking while doing the run that it's my mind telling me my legs are tired, and that I should push on? This is a mind barrier? right?

I will try and focus on something else rather than how my body feels too much, and just get on with it.

Anyway I think I'm progressing well, and will crack this!

All the best to everyone on the programme...

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Dave you are absolutely right. A lot of the runs now are testing your mental stamina as much as your physical stamina. But it sounds as if you're doing really well and are managing the head gremlins. Well done.


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