Couch to 5K

Week 7 off to a tooth crunching start

On Sunday I cracked my tooth on some granola but since it is almost completely metal anyway, I had no pain so I was not in any great hurry to get it fixed.

Started off on my week 7 run 1 this morning and was doing very well.

At around 15 minutes into the run, I thought I had some grit in my mouth and proceeded to spit out half my tooth.

Like a true runner, I just carried on and finished the run (Go Me!!!!! 🏃🏻)

So now I'm off to the dentist tomorrow for a repair and my first though was - good. It's a rest day so I can run on Friday.

Had a nice consistent pace today, and I still can't believe that I can run non stop for 25 minutes.

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Ha ha, you're truly a runner now! I hope you get your tooth fixed tomorrow so you can run pain free. You don't want the wind whistling in a painful tooth! Ouch!

Enjoy your next run. Nice and easy does it

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sorry about your tooth :( well done on the run :D yup 25 whole minutes non stop running :D rock n roll ... keep at it not long to graduation now

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WOW!!!!!! You carried on running and finished you're amazing!!!! well done you I am sooooo impressed! Not sure if I'd have just carried on I'm in awe (bowing down to you greatness)

Aww Kas that sounds nasty, hope you get your tooth sorted quickly!

Best of luck with your tooth and your next run!!!😀

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