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W6R1: some thoughts

So I was running along tonight, thinking thoughts (which is an improvement on weeks 1-4 when I was just waiting for it to end). And I was thinking about the video of Laura that I found on one of the NHS pages.

I have to say, that if there is even a small possibility of ending up with a figure half as magnificent as Laura at the end of this, I'll be eternally grateful. That is a bum that just won't quit!

Deep thoughts over.

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I've noticed I have started to think about non-run stuff during runs too. Just like you, up until now it's just been "omg omg, I'm dying....surely I'll be told to walk soon!". Now I am curious about Laura's bum though, I must say...


Deep running thoughts are a good sign that you're over the adjustment period. GOOD. :D As for Laura's bum.. can't say I noticed. My rear end doesn't seem to have twigged that it's supposed to be pert and working it's way up to higher climes yet. Meanwhile, my top half has enthusiastically dwindled to ironing board proportions. Maybe that means I can wear my sports bra back to front over my knickers. Deep thoughts over morning coffee over.

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