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...I ran naked😊😊

....well not really but...I decided to try and run without music, garmin or someone telling me ( not the lovely Laura) in a sharpish tone that I still had 1 minute to go😊And it was great!Not sure I could do it every run but it stopped me focussing on getting it over and done with. If you haven't tried it I would urge you to and if you do it all the time I doff my hat to you sir/madam😊

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I love running naked. I haven't had stuff in my ears since the week after I graduated.


I abandoned Laura in the last few weeks before graduation so I could hear traffic coming down the lanes behind me and have never looked back. Love it! I do, however, wear a Garmin now so that, at the very least, I can map my run without having to do it manually when I get home. I also take a phone in case of emergencies as there is no-one at home to know where I am or that I've gone out. So I don't run completely naked any more but I do like not faffing with earphones and stuff :)


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