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Made it to week 7...How!? lol

Hi all, by some miracle me and my other half have made it here and tonight we start week 7. We are trialling taking one of the dogs with us too tonight (the one that can actually move in a straight line without tripping us up!!), so I could soon have a new running partner for when my other half isn't around. I can't believe how far I've come and in a few weeks I've got my Race for Life 5K, which we hopefully fall around graduation time. Fingers crossed!! X

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Don't forget your poop bag!!! Enjoy Week 7 :)


That'll be great for the mutt, I'm sure he/she will love it! Enjoy, and good luck with the race for life.


Ha ha thanks, I've had a word with my dog and he's agreed not to poo!! But don't worry if he does, I have poo bags in every pocket of every article of clothing I own.


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