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W5 R1 and 22 degrees!

So, I started week 5 today, and knew it was going to be a hot day here in Spain, so was out at 7.40am. I didn't know what awaited me in Week 5, but after completing Week 4 reasonably comfortably, I felt able to move on, and I did it! I know that the runs are different each session in Week 5, so wonder what is in store for me on Friday for my next session!!

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Well done for keeping up the good work on holiday. I also did W5R1 today. Really finding the rests working now I even had energy to race the last minute. Enjoy your ice creams today :)


Unfortunately no ice creams! I live in Spain, so the rising heat is my reality for the next few months!!


Wow in that heat! Well done! Doing my first week give run tomz bit cooler here in the uk. Hoping for a breeze lol x


Well done! I'm in Greece, so I appreciate what you say about the heat - it was 25 here today. I went out at 8pm this evening!

Remember this 'I did it!" feeling to help you though the next 2 runs. This is the exciting week when you do the 20 min run.

Exciting ... and possibly daunting too. But you can do it is you have got this far. Just take it slow and steady.

You'll feel like a million dollars after run 3 :)


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