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I'm a few days behind on my running program having been on holiday last week, although I did go running twice round the lanes in Cornwall. So I did W2R2 yesterday and it was ok and I was surprised that I could run for 90 seconds and still have something left. I had a bad back for 25 years and a twisted pelvis for 10, so I'm pleased that having completed my rehab with regular chiro visits and muscle strengthening exercise, I can now do this. My chiro has challenged me to the 5k run in August and says he'll do it with me because he's so inspired by my motivation and persistence. That's nice....kind of, means I actually have to do it. (I was anyway, but he's just thrown down the challenge and I can't help myself).

Happy running everyone

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Your physio is going to run with you? That's brilliant. What a star. So,he can warm your muscles up beforehand and keep you ticking over on the run and then give you a good old stretch afterwards! What's his number ? I need him with me too.

Well done to you.


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