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illness break

Well after a miserable week for me and my running buddy last week. Things have picked up a bit so with terror in our hearts yikes. We face thedreaded W5r3 run tomorrow. We are crossing everything that we can do it. Ifell like we can mentally physically it will be a push but we are hoping that because we found stopping after 8 minutes to be a pain . As we had just got into our stride that we will be able to keep going for 20 . so to all the lively suportive people who have helped get us this far please keep us in your thoughts tomorrow at 6 !!!!

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Enjoy tomorrow! I'd planned to run it myself tomorrow at 6am and was looking forward to it. However whilst doing my usual Cardio workout this morning I felt a sharp twang in my calf having completed the last in a set of knee high running on the spot with star jumps. With a calf strain that me out of action for a couple of days, reduced to hobbling - AAARGH!!!! So frustrating!

Let us know how you get on!


Real bummer isnt it. But like someone said to me on here thevfact we are so bothered

Shows our commitment to the prigramme. So hoping to finish this succesfully. Hope injury settles quickly. And wil! Try and post tomorrow night if am capable haha


It's tomorrow now... how did it go? Did you do yourselves, and the rest of us proud? I really, really hope you enjoyed it. Looking forward to hear about the outcome.


Thankyou for asking i have just added my post. Take a look


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