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W7 done!

HI all. Was a bit worried about today's run as I found W7R2 really tough on Saturday, but I am pleased to report that run3 was not too bad, of course the first 10 mins was a killer as usual but managed to do the 25 mins ok and my running buddy and I even managed to give it that little bit extra at the end - oh Laura what do you make us do! must admit it was cool and damp which I much prefer so will be interesting to see what 28 mins will be like in the heatwave they forecast. Bring on W8. Happy running to you all.

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Well done HR. You are nearly there now, just take it steady and you will be fine.


Nice work hopefull! Good job!

If the weather's hot for next week then dress sensibly ie. cool stuff but don't let your brain tell you its hot. You can't change it so relax and just do your thing as if it was chilly!


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