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Answers please

What goes through your mind on those 25, 28 and 30 minute runs?

1) My work and what I need to do this week

2) My list of chores to finish at home today

3) My shoe lace is coming undone, my knee is niggling, I'm thirsty, I need to blow my nose....

4) Eyes on the ground for puddles, dog shit and post-rain slugs

5) He needs to cut his lawn... she can't park to save her life... didn't I pass him earlier?

6) Julie: do us a favour and just die, will you?

7) OMG. Please please please say Cool Down.....NOW...

8) Nothing. I'm in another place.

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All of the above ;)


Thai green curry or a steak? The kick from the curry is great, but the butcher's steaks are so juicy and tender. And maybe a bottle of wine. Yes, definitely. In that case it has to be steaks. Although, I guess I could survive with a beer and the curry. Make that two beers. Naaah, better be good to myself, and steaks are full of proteins, aren't they? I'm sure I've read somewhere that red wine is healthy for you. And all this running is burning a lot of calories, so I'd still be good. On the other hand, there's also fish and chips. It's been a long time since I had that. With tartare sauce and mushy peas. Yes. That's it. Although the green beans I've got left over from yesterday would go great with the steak. You can't have green beans with fish and chips can you? I've never had it. But who says you can't.


Ha ha Tomas - a many after my own heart!!!


Mostly In-2-3-Out-2, In-2-3-Out-2... I've found that generally when I run, I don't think about other things - it's about the only time in the week that I completely switch off :) Sometimes other things creep in - dread of the 'real' 10k coming up, work stuff, whatever, but I just focus on counting again and soon enough they go away!


Is anyone looking at me? I can't do this. Oh, this is horrible. I want to go home! Don't like..... (<---- agoraphobe)


I look for dogs and smile at them as I go past, my favourite pass time. I smile at other runners and grumble to myself when they are unfriendly. But Mostly I destress my brain. Life is tense at the moment and those precious moments to leave stuff behind is greatly received.

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Normally my head gets quiet when I run. I do go over conversations or worries but the running gives me a real sense of detachment; it sort of allows me to look at the tricky bits of life from a safe emotional distance.

Or I look at the landscape and the sheep, or listen to music and loose myself in lyrics.

Or I cook elaborate dinner party showstoppers in my head.

And yes, I look at everyone's dogs and decide which I most want to steal for a running buddy.

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All of the above, plus

Mmmm, breakfast shortly

Oh this neighbour has the lights on, I wonder why

I wonder if the local tramp is around

is the sun coming up yet?

Should I follow the path through the trees or follow the road?

Ok Laura, here I go : In 2 - 3 - 4 Out 2 - 3 - 4

Shall I go left or right

Is the sand on the beach soft or hard today

Should take me 4 minutes between groynes, so 25 minutes divided by.......

Should be 5 minutes done by now another 20 to go. Can't do it....

What did we said we are having for lunch and dinner today?

Did I check my diary?

Wonder what the kids are up to

Anyone on this side of the beach?

This wind is killing me

In 2 - 3 - 4 Out 2 - 3 - 4

No one on that side of the beach

Mmmmmm the air is nice

A new boat anchored

Is this dog friendly? Hello puppy.....

Should be 10 minutes by now, nearly half way there. Can always stop anytime....

My knickers are riding up

Wonder what my backside looks like

In 2 - 3 .....

push the belly button towards the spine

Stand erect

In 2 - 3....

Don't like this song

The groyne should be another 4 minutes away

Getting closer to the 25 minutes. Looks like I can do it. Wouldn't it be great...

The grumpy old man is not around yet

Dome coffee shop is open. No one in yet. Hope the kitchen staff won't see me

Blah blah blah

I did it! I am a legend......

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