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Not fast, not pretty, 2 lessons learnt and Julie!!

W8R1 complete first lesson was never go out without having something to eat and drink. I usually have a banana and water but rushed out this morning without either and tanks were definitely empty. Second lesson was that when it feels really tough, I can still keep going even if my legs are telling me otherwise. And Julie. At last! I have been waiting so long and finally there she was. Say no more. Seriously, i hope its easier on run 2 cos that was a struggle

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Your lesson number two is a really important one. And let's be honest, once it's over and you get all that feel-good-feeling, it so makes it worth having pushed through, doesn't it? Well done!


Yes you're right about that and I try to use that thought to force myself on when I really want to stop. Its that whole mind / body problem that keeps it interesting!! Thanks


Well done Jane. Not long to go now - just slow and steady to the end and you will be fine.

I have to eat beforehand too, "running on empty" just doesn't work for me.


Ahhh, Julie... So many memories ;)

Seriously, well done for pushing on through! That's a great lesson to learn.


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