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Banana gremlins sorted

So this morning I leapt out of bed (well not quite but you know what I mean) and got ready for my second run of week 6. I have a little routine going which involves a strong cup of coffee and a banana half hour before I run. Imagine my horror 😱 (well at least try) when I realised I had no bananas ( there's a song in there somewhere!) In my head I started to think 'ohh what can I have that will get me through this?' So I opted for a piece of banana cake instead, which was lovely and did the trick and gremlins were sorted.

Think I'll make sure I've got some bananas in for run 3. Amazing how you can persuade yourself you've eaten a banana even if it is disguised as a piece of cake 🍰 😊

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Haha :D That made me laugh and now I have that silly song going round in my head ;) Glad you managed to find a good substitute though


Thanks! Sorry about the song! ☺️


No need to apologise. It's still making me chuckle :D


Yep, banana definitely = cake in my book, I have been saying that for years! 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰


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