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Hello fellow runners

Thought I would post an update on my progress. I have now completed my local parkrun in 26 minutes, still nowhere near were I want to be. I now run 4 miles twice a week and the parkrun on Saturday's, so I thought I would do some fartleking to improve my speed. Ghosh, it reminded me of week 6, I set my watch for 4 minutes fast pace followed by 1 minute walk, its easier to run 4 miles non stop, I was most surprised, I also mix some regular hill runs in the week, I'm aiming for 24 minutes fisrt stop in the park run then onwards and upwards. Keep up the good work all of you and Mancunian poodle, get your mojo back and get your ass into gear, don't undo all that hard work!

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That's great progress and I'm sure you will manage to shave off those 2 minutes. 26 mins is an excellent time though. Well done on the fartleking. I still find I subconsciously do my best to avoid interval training :D

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