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Ugh, a bloody great ganglion

I've developed a bloody great ganglion at the top of my right foot, right where the laces of all my shoes fasten. It's okay when I run as I land forefoot but the laces rub and 'twang' over it when I walk fast (which I do on a daily basis for exercise).

I know that if they pop up on the wrist most GPs will leave them alone unless they are causing significant problems but does anyone have experience of ganglions on the feet?

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No, sorry. I do have one on my right hand and all I know is they can remove them.


Don't you have to bash it with a bible?



I think medical advice says to steer clear of religious texts of any kind!


Years ago I had one on the back of my hand and took to bashing it with a big book (not a bible). The night before I was due in hospital to get it removed, the ruddy thing completely disappeared never to return.

Try bashing it. It's just fluid so you may disperse it.


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