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Couch to 5K
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Tight legs


A first for me here, have just completed W5 run1, its tough! lol, but was able to put a spurt on for the last 30 secs..but hey! I could only just run 30 secs when I first started, so big improvement for me.

I feel legs could do with some more power, hamstrings seem tight and get some soreness in the calf's, which is taken off a tad with 30 mins on the excercise bike, so is just gentle stretching the way to go?

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Definitely stretch after each run (heel lifts on a stair are good) and get a foam roller (you can buy them from any sports shop, TKMaxx or Amazon) as they work wonders on calves. I had tight calves when I first started and the foam roller sorted them out. Be prepared for it to hurt the first few times though. A lot! But persevere as it is worth it. I use my roller every single day to keep tightness away.

Well done btw on getting to week 5.


I'll try that, thanks Irishprincess


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