Couch to 5K

wk 2 run 1

wk 2 run 1

So i recently started c25k after losing some weight and returned to normal BMI using the myfitnesspal app. With only a little left to go until i reach my final target weight, I decided to throw in some excercise and get these asthmatic lungs doing some work. In my head, i felt like if i could make the healthy eating a habit which is just now "normal" to me, I should probably use the momentum and get fit too. I seem to stick to things when there is a target or a defined aim, so c25k looked perfect. Initially I was dubious about running 30min by the end of week 8, however as usual i was 8 weeks ahead of myself. So kindly told the gremlins to jog on and decided to give it a shot.

Wk 1 passed by quite easily with a little pain between the shoulder blades, but, shock horror my cardio held up and instead of feeling exhausted at the end, I actually felt amazing. I guess it was combination of managing the first run and things starting to look achieveable. It was a bit of an eye opener. A friend who runs alot gave me some excellent advice about keeping shoulders relaxed. This helped massively with the shoulder blade pains. I had to play with the speeds on the treadmill but settled at about 6km/h walking and 8km/h running which, while not eaxctly fast, felt comfortable for my first time.

I've just started wk 2 and the 90second runs again passed by without too much hassle. I did up the run speed to 9km/h this week more to help get into good stride. Things felt more fluid and it definitley got some beads of sweat going. I definitley felt like i was doing some work, but again, at the end, hit the goal and felt amazing. I wasn't far off 4km by the end of the 30mins, so i walked on to 4km just to see what sort of time I could do it in and I manged the 4km in 37:43. I was pretty pleased with that!

I'm very lucky to live very close to great 5k parkrun which happens every saturday. So my aim is to do that in a respectable time. It's quite a hilly course, so just using the treadmill to build up initial cardio then I'll probably alternate treadmill days and park days as the weather improves.

Loving c25k so far!

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Brilliant post, well done on weight loss, BMI, and deciding to run ... awesome achievements! Love your ambition to do a parkrun soon - can I suggest that you get some outside running experience before you head out for the measured 5k. If most of your running is on a treadmill (dreadmill!) you will probably find that outside running will come as a wee bit of a shock to your system! Different effort is required by your legs and feet (after all, the real ground doesn't move for you!) and you may find that your whole body becomes rather more exhausted outside coping with uneven terrain, weather, etc etc.

Lots of luck with the rest of the programme, you'll soon be addicted 😄 x

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Thanks :) its been quite a progression this year. I'm totally planning some outside running before going anywhere near an official park run. Our park run is is all on a hill, its insane.

I'm probably going to finish c25k at the gym then do it again on the park run course and build up to an official one. Its going to take a while but i'm in no hurry.


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