Couch to 5K

Graduation plus 2 weeks

This week was a bit of an odd one. Monday had a nightmare, don't even want to go into it, suffice to say as a minor tech geek was mega frustrated that all technology decided to quit on me hence a night mare run. Wednesday early morning run not too bad although using runkeeper and Laura's week 9 podcast the times were so out of sync, even though they were both started at exactly the same time that I was a bit confused. Runkeeper said I had run for 34 minutes to cover 5k but my watch said 36 and Laura was also a different time. Todays run (Saturday), went quite well with runkeeper putting my 5k at 32.04. Now all I have to do is take the advice of everyone and try not to go fast, my time splits were too fast on the first 3k which meant I paid for it in the last 2k. Slowly Slowly, better pacing will come with experience I hope.

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That's a really good time Mat. And you're right. Take it slowly, start to run a little further (no more than 10% each week) and you'll notice your speed will improve.

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