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Two discoveries

Hello all

I made two important and useful discoveries this morning on my wk9 r2.

1. Running in the rain is actually quite pleasant as long as I have a hat.

2. 10 min cool down walk in heavier rain is horrible even with a hat.

Not sure what the solution is. Either get fitter and run all the way home (hill and tiredness defeated me) or remember to take Oyster card and hop on bus!

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I don't mind it as you're quite hot from the run. Have you got a lightweight water resistant or waterproof jacket you can take with you. I tie mine round my middle. They are light as air. Once I finish my run I pop it back on for the walk home. I always seem to end a run too far from home. Doh. It becomes unpleasant if you get cold

Keep up the good work. Not far to go now. The end is nigh!!!! You must be dead excited


Why don't you get one of those sexy hats with a brolly on top that they sell to tourists? Running in the rain is great, as long as it's not monsoon rain. I'd opt for a juffle to get home (mix of a jog and a shuffle).


I don't mind running in the rain so long as it's not windy, but I hate all the puddle dodging I have to do on my country road routes. That gets me down. I would suggest running further to get home or walking further on warm up so you finish at your front door - you can always do some warm down exercises in the kitchen!


Hahaha, I discovered exactly the same thing this morning! Like the rain as I have the route to myself, but the hat business...


I'm with you on that one. Running in the rain is okay, but I also hate the cool down walk when its pouring. And I find lighweight rain resistant jackets to be pretty useless - they get clammy and wet either from the rain or from sweat, so they're cold and unpleasant during the walk. Waaaaaaaahhhh!


Thanks for all the suggestions but I think the moral of the story is don't trust the weather report on your iPhone!


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