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W6R2 rushed and ruined!

I was pretty convinced all day that I wasn't in the mood for this run tonight but got home and decided if I sat down Id not bother getting up again and I would feel bad tomorrow. As a result I launched into it without having anything to drink and that was really stupid and meant not one second of it was enjoyable! Even finishing it didn't cheer me up. Took a naughty minute walk during the second 10 minute run cos it seems if I am even a little dehydrated I sweat out willpower instead so my cells can keep their precious fluid! Still more excersise than I would have got than crashing on the sofa so I'm awarding myself 7/10 points! Lesson of the day for me: better planning = better running!

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Also now annoyed about the naughty walk because that was in no way necessary due to dehydration. It was a psychological fart poisoning my mind.


Psychological fart poisoning my mind - that's brilliant!

I know you're going to have to do this one again *and* you didn't enjoy the experience but wow you've learned so much from this - as you say, you got out there and you ran. *At least* 7 out of 10, I'd say more.


W6R2 was the worst run of the entire program for me too. Still no idea why.

Don't worry too much about it - just a 'bad day at the office'; we all have them.


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