Couch to 5K

Holiday hiccup !

Just had weeks holiday I Crete (lovely) however it was all inclusive so yummy breakfast lunch and dinner ... Wine with everything .. Even a bath !! But Good long walk every day .. however, not surprisingly , have put on every lb I've lost since day1week1 !,,,

Realised this when looked in mirror before coming home ....and even more importantly realised where I have been going wrong all these years. !?!?!

I often think I'm being really good/healthy .. Eating salads fish not too many carbs .. But the real problem is portion size !!!!!!!

I could have stuck to Nhs diet easily whilst away .. Just piggy in me cried 'yummy yummy in my tummy' and piggy wins every time.

So here we go again week 1 day1 ..with a smaller plate !!

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Get it under control Bev! You are sabotaging yourself if not. You can do c25k and lose weight successfully and achieve your goals but you have to commit. Get tough with yourself otherwise you'll not get out of the vicious circle snd will keep starting your diet "tommorow"

C25k is a great place to start on your road to health and fitness. don't hold yourself back by making poor choices

I'm the resident nag by the way 😊

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Been contemplating a run as have started c25k , you have helped me make up my mind ... So off to find me joggers .. Thanks mrs nag.x


I keep putting on weight with all this running! Not any fatter though, in fact clothes are looser. I'm not particularly bothered - should just throw the scales out the window!