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Cow pats and more running club antics

So another great run with my local running club tonight and yes more pat dodging!! Think we must have covered 4 or 5 miles so was quite pleased although still really struggling with hills. But the highlight of my night was being informed i was the only 45 to 50 lady vet to complete the 5k race i entered last week and i won a tenner!! You could have knocked me down with a feather as not only did i get my entry fee back i also made 3 quid profit!! And my official time was 33.09 ☺ so sorry if this sounds like im blowing my own trumpet im not really just so pleased with how much ive achieved so far since starting and completing c25k and talking to all the lovely people on here, so its a big thanku really, and anyone who doesn't believe they can do this, you really can , just keep posting on here and keep running 😀

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Brilliant. I know exactly how you feel.

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Well done! No trumpet blowing, just rightful pleasure in your own progress. We should all celebrate the positives 😃


Thanks! :)


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