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Star chart!

You can tell I am a teacher - after our first week of running I printed out running charts for my daughter and I and we have gold stars to stick on our charts!!!! It is such a great feeling to come home and put up a new star. Seems daft but it all helps. My chart is now looking quite full as today was w7 r1. I cannot believe I have got this far.

To all those in the earlier weeks, you can do it, keep going and do whatever it takes (star charts, rewards, posting on here etc) to keep you motivated. I am so unbelievably glad that I have done this programme. I ran again for 25 minutes tonight, completing 2.3 miles. Just a few weeks ago I struggled to run those first 1 minute walks.

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Running is reeling you in .....


I want a gold star too. *sulk*. Joking apart, what a great idea!

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Well done! You're doing great!


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